Saturday, March 6, 2021

Friday, February 28, 1936 - Mother Got Paid Tonight

"Mother got paid tonight.  Grandpa Kenfield fixed Joyce's chair.  Mother and Daddy went to the show.  Jack went over to Junior's and played.  Bill went down the hill with is schoolmates then he went to his [Junior's?] house."

Junior is another friend I don't know about.  I guess it's time to plan more researching!


Thursday, February 27, 1936 - Mother and Daddy Went Away


"Jack and I went over to Moore's house.  Mother and Daddy went away.  Before Mother went she gave Jack medicine and told him to go to bed, but he didn't.  Mother gave us each a sandwicth.  It had lettuce, Meat, salad dressing and butter in it."

My goodness!  I have so many questions!  Who were the Moores?  (I'll have to research them)  Where did Marie and Bryan go?  Why did Shirley cross out the last two sentences.  

And Jack!  He was always being naughty, ha ha!  I'm guessing Shirley often was exasperated with him because she was probably supposed to be watching him.

Wednesday, February 26, 1936 - Joyce's Perfume Bottle


"Jack is sick in bed with a cold.  I went to school today.  Joyce has got a perfume bottle and lets everyone smell it.  Daddy went after Mother.  Jack feels better now.  Mother made Joyce's doll a bonnet."

I'm guessing Joyce was given an empty perfume bottle to play with.  I wonder if Marie knitted, crocheted, or sewed that doll's bonnet?

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Tuesday, February 25, 1936 - The Thaw


"I went out doors and played.  Bob came home this morning.  Aunt Elsie got her hair waved.  It is awful slushie out doors.  Marie came over to play we played school.  Mother & Daddy went to Angie's and Elsie's house."

Monday, February 24, 1936 - The Fifth Grade Arithmetic Book


"Tomorrow I think we are going to be through our fifth [grade] arithmetic book.  Bob is staying at our cousins house.  I fell down twice in the water going to school.  I baked a cake while Daddy went after Mother."

I wonder which cousins Bob was staying with?  They had so many!  I'm guessing Shirley fell because it was icy and slushy.

Sunday, February 23, 1936 - A Movie and Sunday School


"Mother clean the bedroom for me.  Billy and I went to the show.  We had to wait about 2 hours before we could get in.  I went to Sunday School today and got 12 papers.  I washed my stockings out so they will be clean for School."

I wonder what movie it was?

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Saturday, February 22, 1936 - Trying to Make Candy without Kerosene

"Mother, Daddy and Jack went to the show.  I got some candy ready to cook and there wasn't any kerosine.  When Mother, Daddy and Jack got home we had lunch.  I cut pictures out of papers for Billy."